Stand up & Rally

Time is precious. Time is very precious. The people in our lives make a difference. People make all the difference. Change is inevitable. Directing the change in our lives could be our greatest responsibility.

“When we commit to making ourselves better, the benefit extends beyond us. Hype4Life is about taking on the challenge of that commitment joyfully and thankfully. I want Hype4Life to be the brand that people rally around to celebrate grinding to be better.” -jp, cofounder & president

Today I want you to stand up and rally around Hype4Life. Stand up for Hype4Life because you are committed to challenging yourself to be better. Rally around Hype4Life because you see it changing lives. It’s an an exciting time for us. We are coming off one of our biggest challenges. We have earned a voice on the Huffington Post. Our community workouts have connected us with the Cary Unity Walk & Fun Run and got the attention of a local ladies rugby team. Now we need you living Hype4Life out loud… sporting gear in the community, taking challenges, getting others involved in challenges, and making  your Hype4Life a topic of conversation! Time is precious. Time is very precious. The people in our lives make a difference. People make all the difference. Time. People. Difference. Independently wonderful. Collectively amazing. Let’s take time to make an amazing difference together fam!

Sleep Revolution Challenge Start October 17 (round 2) – Sleep is a hot topic and the first #sleepRevolution challenge was so hype we had to do it again! More prizes! More bonuses! More Fun! If you are on our mailing list, we’ve already got you on the roster! All you have to do is hit the challenge store to close the deal! We’ll be sending everyone getting started info, including your ID, next week. If you aren’t on our list, visit the take the challenge page to get all the details and get signed up! A quick stat from the last challenge… participants averaged just under 7 hours of sleep and 2 servings unhealthy foods daily!

Cary Walk & Fun Run On November 12 – Unity isn’t always easily achieved and there are times when it’s extremely important for supporters to come together. Jimi Clemons took a stand to bring unity to the forefront of the Cary community and he asked Hype4Life to be a featured vendor for the event. Visit the Unity Walk & Fun Run site for details and let us know if you recognize any faces in this promo video. Show up and show out for Hype4Life!

New Store & Gear – We are crazy excited about our new tumbler sleeves/grips! We’ve also added boxing gear, including custom H4L gloves, and our latest shirt designs!

Birthday Bash & Fundraiser November 12 – Unity walk in the AM and party in the PM! We are hosting a fundraiser for Dynamic Water and celebrating my birthday… at the same, same time! More details coming soon!

FREE Community Workouts – Join one of the Facebook workout groups to stay informed about upcoming workouts! Hype4Life Boxing Workouts (Alamance) & Hype4Life Boxing Workouts (RTP)

Lots going on for us all to stand up and rally around! Share this link to help spread us spread the word! Appreciate ya fam! Nuthin’ but love for ya! -jp

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