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8 week challenge. Begins March 13. Eating healthier, staying active, and getting proper rest to recharge is becoming increasingly more challenging. No one can do it for us. However, there is no doubt that most of will get better results when we have accountability, support, and motivation along the way. Our challenges deliver accountability, support, and motivation to build proper habits for the well balanced lifestyle we desire! We work to come up with creative ways to keep our challenges effective and fun! We know there are lots of other challenges out there but we are not trying to copy what they do. We use our own creative ideas to keep our challenges fresh, simple, and fun! Everything is done online! Anyone can join! Adults. Children. Meetup groups. Churches. Schools. Clubs. Sports teams. Businesses. Friends near and far!

hype4life-125Head to head weekly round robin format. Each week you go head to head against another participant. Highest point total wins. Different opponent each week. Matchups are by ID to protect your privacy. Points are collected Monday thru Saturday. Sunday is an off day to reset scores and determine weekly winners. Wins and losses will be kept for each person during the challenge. The Final Four, four best records after 8 weeks, will win Amazon gift cards. 1st place $25. 2nd place $20. 3rd place $15. 4th place $10. Total points will be first tie breaker. After that will be goolosh(our term for unhealthy foods), followed by exercise, and then water. If a tie still remains, we will use a random draw or move to a one week sudden death tie breaker (participants choice). Process repeats until winner is determined.

hype4life-145Challenge ID to protect your privacy. On the first day of the challenge we will send your ID. That ID is used to track your points. We do this to protect your privacy. You can share your ID with friends or keep it private. You decide what works best for you.

hype4life-221Challenge points. We are using 4 categories for this challenge.

  • Hydrate. 1 point per 8 ounces of water. Up to 64 ounces. 8 point MAX.
  • Exercise. 1 point per 15 minutes of exercise. Any activity counts. Up to 120 minutes. 8 point MAX.
  • Goolosh. -1 point per serving of unhealthy foods. No MAX. Goolosh will vary from person to person. It will depend on your experience and goals for the challenge. Don’t get stuck trying to copy what others do. Commit to finding what works for you! If you have questions, ask anytime. We are here to help. Find out more on our goolosh info page.
  • Team Bonus. We love March Madness so we had to work it in this challenge! Pick one team in the March Madness tourney each week and earn 2 points for each game your team wins that week. Pick the right team and get up to four points just like that. Team pick can change from week to week. For example, if the team you pick in week 1 gets eliminated, then you can pick a different team for week 2. If your team does NOT get eliminated, you can keep that team or choose a different team for week 2.

hype4life-207Entering points. We make it easy! Enter points online using our online form or via text message to 919-230-2788. We use your ID to track your points to protect your privacy. 

hype4life-157TAKE THE CHALLENGE! Includes a custom Hype4Life Madness shirt or tank! Only $24.99 (short sleeve) or $29.99 (long sleeve or tank) for this 8 week challenge! Simple, fun, and affordable! Daily accountability, support, and motivation! Anyone can join! Don’t miss out! Challenge begins March 13th! Signup anytime during the challenge! Click here to sign up! Don’t want a shirt. No problem. Join the challenge for for $5 less! Just $19.99! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. We are here to help! Visit our challenge page to learn more about our challenges!

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