More consistency! More accountability! A new challenge every month for ten months beginning in February! Challenges will start on the 1st and run 21 days! New to our challenges? Here’s everything you need to know!

February Challenge! Focus on FITNESS!

February is all about making time to exercise! The goal is to exercise as long and as often as you can! Of course we don’t want all that exercise to go to waste, so exercise isn’t our only concern! We can’t forget about staying hydrated and avoiding too much goolosh!


  • +1 point for every 5 minutes of exercise. 24 point MAX
  • +1 points for every 5 ounces of water. 12 point MAX
  • -1 point for every serving of goolosh. 21 point MAX

Pile up those exercise points! It isn’t just about getting to the gym or doing your favorite online workout. Be determined to stay active with family and friends! Shoot some hoops! Toss the football! Go for a hike! Jump in the freeze tag game with the kids! Be creative and have fun… over and over again!


The daily goal is 60 minutes of exercise (+12 points), 60 ounces of water (+12 points), and no more than 2 servings goolosh (-2 points). Total that up: 12+12-2=22. Multiple that by 21 days: 22×21=462. Anyone who piles up 462 points or can choose from the following prizes!

  • $10 Amazon gift card
  • $10 off boxing gear
  • 1/2 price group boxing session
  • 1/2 price personal training
  • 1/2 price small group training
  • Free set of hand/wrist wraps
  • Free H4L hand towel
  • Free H4L cap

Everyone who provides entries for ALL 21 days of the challenge will also be entered in our raffle prize drawings for more prizes!


$21 per person per challenge! That’s just $1 a day to keep you motivated and focused on livings the active lifestyle you deserve! Are you ready for a change?


Here’s what’s included…

  1. Online access to complete challenge details.
  2. Your ID for the challenge and access to ID request tool in case your forget. You can also email us anytime and we will be happy to send it to you.
  3. Online form for entering points.
  4. Text messaging point entry.
  5. Live challenge leader board with rankings listed by ID.
  6. Option to opt out of the leader board rankings.
  7. Access to individual participant point record sheet to conveniently view scores for accuracy.
  8. Invitation to private challenge facebook group.
  9. Prizes.
  10. Invitation to group boxing workout for challenge participants during the challenge.

Ready to host your own private challenge? Click here to get started!


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