Appreciate, enjoy, and indulge in living YOUR life. Get away from talking, commenting, watching, and posting about everyone else’s lives… that is the goal! PLUS focus on you healthy habits, including proper rest to recharge and thrive in your life pursuits! In the Life Filter blog I talked about the big three: Discretion. Focus. Filtering. This challenge will make you become aware of your habits and give you the accountability you need to change!



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Make it a point to focus on loving life with your family! Less distractions. Less social posts. Less outside drama. More focus on your family!


<photo with short promo to dads> Make it a point to make family time fun! Less fantasy sports. Less online gaming. Less social media. More focus on fun with the family!


<photo with short promo about how kids can benefit> Make it a point to be creative! Challenge  your family to do the same! Put down the devices! Have fun with your family! Even that brother/sister who always drives you crazy!

Teams/Churches/Organizations/Private Groups-

<photo with short promo to teams, churches and private groups> Do it together! Hold one another accountable! Have your group join the challenge, set up your own private one, or both!

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