LIFE FILTER PLUS CHALLENGE!!! Accountability, inspiration, and motivation for real change! LIVE your life! Joyfully. Thankfully. Relentlessly. In the Life Filter blog I talked about the big three: Discretion. Focus. Filtering. For 21 days we will make those a priority! PLUS we will focus on healthy habits, including proper rest to recharge so that we can thrive in our life pursuits! Work to change and don’t complain… that is the goal! The challenge provides the accountability. I will post to our challenge group daily to light your fires of motivation and inspiration!  Sign up now! Challenge begins November 1st! (Check out the weekly recaps from the last challenge! Week 1 Week 2 Week 3)

Moms-shutterstock_595683614Make it a point to focus on loving life and your family! Less distractions. More focus on your goals, your health, and your family!

Dads-shutterstock_103860557Make it a point to make family time fun! Be creative! Bring fantasy sports to life at home! Step up to the challenge of keeping the household active and fun!

Living Kid Free-shutterstock_187400009Don’t just fill your time, make excellent use of it! Be creative and surround yourself with good people! Filter out all the noise! Focus on developing into the person you want to be!

Teams/Churches/Organizations/Private Groups-shutterstock_586279136Do it together! Hold one another accountable! Have your group join the challenge, set up your own private one, or both! Email us to setup a private challenge!



Prize drawings at the end of the challenge! Gift cards, shirts, boxing gear, training sessions and more! Enter points for all 21 days of the challenge to qualify!


Brand new hoodies! Tanks! Short sleeve! Long sleeve! Styles available in black, grey, red, royal, and white! Orders will be sent for print on November 1st (the day the challenge begins). The turn around time is approximately 3 weeks. You can choose to pick up your shirts at any of our community workouts or have them mailed to you. ORDER & SIGNUP NOW! (challenge signup is not required for shirt orders)

The Challenge. How it works-

Earn points daily for all the good stuff and do you best to stay away from goolosh… our term for unhealthy foods! Submit scores daily. Scores updated as you enter them so you can see how your scores stack up to coach JP and the rest of the field! Scores are entered via online form or via text message. When the challenge starts you will receive an ID. We will use that to manage your points.


Focus – Relentless focus on living joyfully & thankfully! ATTITUDE is everything! Rate yourself daily! 10 pt daily MAX
Discretion – Fight the urge to comment on everyone else’s life! Sometimes the most powerful words are those unsaid! Rate yourself daily! 10 pt daily MAX
Filtering – Filter out all the noise! Don’t get distracted! Plan. Re-plan. Adjust. Be creative! Time is precious! Use it well! Rate yourself daily! 10 pt daily MAX
Sleep – plus 2 for every hour of sleep. 20 pt daily MAX
Exercise – plus 2 for every 15 minutes of exercise. 16 pt daily MAX
Water – plus 2 for every 8 ounces of water. 16 pt daily MAX
Protein – plus 4 for 3 servings of lean protein. 4 pt daily MAX
Fruit/Veggie – plus 4 for 3 combined servings of fruit/veggies. 4 pt daily MAX
Goolosh Bonus – plus 4 for having no goolosh the entire day! 4 pt daily MAX
Goolsh Penalty – minus 1 for every serving of goolosh. -20 pt daily MAX

I know the “rate yourself” categories (Focus. Discretion. Filter.) come across as very subjective but in many ways that is the point. They speak to how we really get down at life. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can gain just by paying attention to your focus, discretion, and filtering! SIGN UP NOW!


If you have questions please don’t hesitate to email us or contact us via one of our social media channels @hype4lifefam.

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