Dad. Husband. Coach:  soccer, bball, boxing, fitness. Volunteer. Leader.  I work hard at time management. Life is for living. Hype 4 Life. Big shout out to my beautiful wife, CA, who always has my back and to my boys JPauly (8) and Big Chris(6), who keep me laughing.  I like nicknames, so if you don’t have one yet… you will.


Hi my name is Jeff Hinzman – Rozay to some. I am 51 years old. Married 28 years to Caroline, 2 Daughters Jessica 23 and Virginia 16, dog named Rivers. I like to keep my workouts “turnt up” and inspire others to keep grinding. Recently I went from 0 miles to completing two half-marathons. The first Half was completed with my daughter, Jess.

Likes: hip-hop, working out, hip hop, shooting pool, hip hop, driving, and hip hop


I am Erick Benson, but most people call me EZ. When I am not working or spending time with family, you’ll find me on the basketball court. I’m either refereeing an NCAA basketball game or I’m working on my handles. I’ve run a full marathon and three half marathons. But what really gets me going are group workouts where Grins are Guaranteed Every Time (GGET). So, if you’re putting in the work, and not smiling about it… you can count me to call foul and say/do something that will put a smile on your face.


Daniel, but most call me Rev.
Husband to Holly. Father to the D team – Daniel, David, Darren and Drew. Pastor. ½ Marathoner. Football Coach. Writer. I like to inspire and be inspired. Creator of Big-Boy-Modified (BBM). So if you need some modifications during a workout, come see me. When I’m not showing off on the courts, you’ll find me running, boxing or lifting. And when I’m not doing those things, I’m Rev-ing up workouts or doing the Rev-olution shake. Why? ‘Cause I’m bringing sexy back, son!

7 thoughts on “H4L TEAM”

    1. Yes. We have found our Wei. Get it. Found our Wei/way! 🙂 We will be posting about our workouts! If you get a squad together, then we can bring a workout to you too! So how many more half sisters and brothers you got? 🙂

  1. You should see how competitive Ice is at playing cards!!! 🙂 Congrats on the site! I need to spin off a chapter in Nashville!

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