Hype4Life Boxing Syndicate! Be sure to get to a weekend workout soon, while they are still just $5! Small group training is $15. Currently hosting morning groups at North Cary park on Tuesday/Thursday mornings at 6:30AM and at South Graham park on Wednesday at 8AM. Interested in late morning, lunch, or other small group training times? Call text me at 336-684-1113 or get started using our online form. https://hype4lifefam.com/training/

Weekend Workouts. Learn how to catch punches using mitts/pads and strike pads/mitts with boxing gloves. Half the time is spent catching punches with mitts/pads and the other half is spent striking with boxing gloves.
Small Group Training. Interval based training. A mix of boxing, cardio, and strength intervals.
Make it proper & keep it hype fam! -jp

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