You talked about doing what you love. Talk to me about what you love and things you don’t like as we move along. For now you mentioned you enjoy running so that will be the foundation for your workouts.

I would like for you to try and fit in one B and one C workout each week. Don’t forget to stretch. Please hit me up the day before with you plan for the following day so I can plan to match it. Do your thing WAP and you will find that you are pushing me along the way!

Goal 1: lose 20 pounds
Goal 2: start a workout routine I love
Goal 3: do the routine regularly (5 to 7 days a week)
Goal 4: cut back on champagne
Goal 5: cut back on sweets
(I suggest focusing on goal 2 and progressing to goal 3 to start. You can still work on 4 and 5 but keeping in mind 2 and 3 are most important. You get control of the other goals and goal 1 will take care of itself.)

Goal 1: boxing with WAP
Goal 2: hoops with WAP
Goal 3: stay in WAP’s health and fitness bizness
Goal 4: Hype4Life… spread the word and reach more peeps
Goal 5: get into a more focused and consistent workout routine
Goal 6: make time for 2-a-day or long workouts twice a week
Goal 7: continue to improve my diet, focusing on sweets/sugar
Goal 8: find a good substitute for my energy drinks

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